You might have heard of the term Hyperdocs. This is when you make text linkable in Google Docs. Students can read text, then click on linkable text to other websites, Google Form, another Google Slide deck or anything that has a link really.

Hyperdocs is a great tool to use in the classroom to have students explore the content and allows then to demonstrate their learning. What we can not do is embed a Youtube video in a Google Doc.

What we can do is create a hyperdoc in a Google Slide. This allows us to embed a Youtube video with in the Google Slide, while we construct the “hyperslide” as a hyperdoc with the video embedded for the student to view.

First we need to change the page dimensions to 8.5 by 11 inches. This will give us the feel of a hyperdoc page, but the functionality of a Google Slide. Then insert the video you have chosen for the activity. Share out to students using Google Classroom. You can print out on regular paper or posters for display in the classroom for Open House or other school purposes.



We then can add the other learning elements around the video. We can create other slides in the same format so there are several activities in one slide deck. It looks like this:

The embedded slide deck is below. Click on Google Slides on the bottom and make your own copy.